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We Are Located at 1 Main Street, Markdale, Ontario

Bread That Will Amaze in Taste and Texture

Bread that uses no dairy, fats or eggs and has flour that is free of genetically modified organisms and is sourced from P&H New Life Mills in Hanover?  Yes it is made and available right here in Markdale at Brilliant! Bread.
Please Note: We will now be closed on Sunday.

A Wonderful Assortment of Loaves Awaits

Light Rye Sourdough
Seven Grain
Sourdough White
Black Olive and Roasted Garlic
Fresh Rosemary with Seasalt
Apple Cranberry
Dinner Rolls (Doz.)
Sandwich Buns (Doz.)
Pizza Dough (1 pound dough ball)

ps: If there's something else that you would like, drop in and talk to Julia about what she can create. Plus, if you would like to order your bread just contact us.

The Price of Success

We really like to see our customers not be disappointed that their favourite loaf is sold out and to avoid this and because we are experiencing an increase in demand for our bread you may wish to use our option of pre-ordering the items you would like either by using the contact form on the website or by phone

Bakery Hours

We will not be opening on Sunday,

9:00AM - 5:00PM
9:00AM - 5:00PM
9:00AM - 5:00PM
9:00AM - 3:00PM

Our Menu of Comfort Food

Come and Meet Your Baker

Owner, Baker, Bon Vivant – Julia Agar at work at Brilliant ! Bread.

And Speaking of Happy Customers - here's Finn conducting a taste test!
And Speaking of Happy Customers - here's Finn conducting a taste test!

Our Customers Speak Out

November 15, 2017

OMG Julia please don’t stop making cheese bagels


November 3, 2017

It was great to see you again Julia! Sooo glad I popped in.
When I got home I went through the freezer and threw out all the crappy bread and made a resolution to only eat your sourdough bread from now on . I totally love bread but it seems when I eat it, all I want to do is take a nap. I’m so done with feeling bloated after eating .
see you next Saturday for those bagels … please let me know what the best time is to pick those up .
I’m excited to talk further about helping you with your bread deliveries, whenever you are ready.
Take care and have a great week off !
Maxwell Pat

October 31, 2017

I love your bread! I used a loaf of your Rosemary Salt bread for my stuffing at thanksgiving and it was the best I have ever made. Your bread is excellent. My son is in love with your baguettes! I’m in London, On., but I’ll be back to stock up. Thank you Julia!

Maggie Brannen

October 15, 2017
While passing through Eugenia recently, we stopped in at Brilliant Bread and were fortunate to meet Julia, who was busy kneading.
After giving us the directions we asked for and selling us a loaf of light rye, she asked “do you like French toast?”
When we assured her we did, she insisted we take a cranberry loaf (no charge) which she said was day old and would be perfect the next day if we used it for French toast. She was right! It was the best we’ve ever made! Thanks Julia, we’ll be back


Brilliant Bread Customers
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